Egyptian Association for Training and Research Services for Ready Made Garment and Textile (TrainTex) Training, Consulting & Services

Date of Establishment: 27th March 2007
Contact Person: Eng/ Moshir Aly (Executive Director )

Board Members
  1. Mr/ Mohamed M. Abdel Salam (Chairman)
  2. Mr/Mohamed Kassem (Vice)
  3. Eng/Alaa El Din Riad
  4. Eng/Bassem Sultan
  5. Eng/Mohamed El Sayad
  6. Mr/Mahmoud Aboud
  7. Mr/Mohamed El Kaluby

Founded in March 2007, Traintex (Cairo -Egypt) is a private NGO created by really key company owners in Egypt.

Through a delegation contract, Traintex is the implementing arm of the Egyptian Chamber of textile Industry in the field of training, consulting, and relationship with projects.

Traintex is the pilot NGO model of Private Public Partnership (PPP) that will contribute to build capacity through training of trainers, supervisors and training managers and develop the competencies of the work force in the textile and ready made garment sector.

Traintex aims to support textile companies and textile industry in their development projects; Field of Traintex activities is mainly technical knowledge and skills development, and any activity which can support the competitiveness on domestic and international markets.

Traintex is a resource of MENA regional experts in addition to key international experts drilled to project management Cycle, and of course a connexion to industry and public and political bodies.
Traintex has the vision to become a key partner for any consortium for projects in Egypt and MENA countries.

  1. Mr. Galal Abd-EI-Maksoud EI-Zourba
  2. Mr. Mohamed EI-Kaliuby
  3. Dr. Alaa Ahmed Arafa
  4. Mr. Mohamed Kassem
  5. Mr. Bassem Sultan
  6. Mr. Mahmoud Aboud
  7. Mr. Mohamed Fouaad EI-Sieyad
  8. Mr. Mohamed Abd-EI-Salam
  9. Ms. Mary Louis
  10. Mr. Toulba Ragab Younis
  11. Mr. Samer Ryad
  12. Eng Khaled Raafat
  13. Mr. Khaled Mohamed EI-Zaafarany
  14. Eng. Alaa EI-Din Ryad

  1. Ready Made Garment Companies
  2. Textile companies
  3. Vocational Training Centers
  4. Technical Secondary Schools

Monthly Courses Calendar Jun. 09
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