Upgrade TVET institutions

Aiming to upgrade TSS in Alexandria governorate, a training session has been implemented to train 20 teachers / supervisor teachers...Etc.

The training was conducted between Sunday 2/5/2010 to Thursday 6/5/2010 (5 days) in Mostafa Kamel TSS for G.

Training consists of 3 main parts:

- The sewing basic training (Single needle- overlock) in the alternance training system.
- Quality (quality inspection system within the production lines in the garment industry)
- Training on the manufacturing of certain ready made garment products such as the (trousers/ Shirts) including the various phases of the production process.

It also discusses the fabric optimization consumption to reduce the cost and obtain a high-quality product.

Traintex provides the participants with handout material / raw material needed for the training process.

On the other hand, the head of the technical education in Alexandria has visited the training venue where he appreciated the hard work and the effort done.

At the end of the training, the participants were satisfied with the practical training and they have recommended the increase of the training duration to gain the skills of the second level specially that the alternance training will be applied in the 3rd year secondary in Alexandria starting from the next year.

Tutor: Mr. Gamal El Kady – Alternance training consultant - TRAINTEX

Pattern Making TOT Course-Faculty of Applied Arts in Cairo

In cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts, a TOT course for pattern Making has been conducted from 18-29 April 2010 in the Faculty VTC.

27 patternmakers/ production managers participated in the training course from the following companies:
Kenzo Kolizioni in Shoubra Kheima- El Masreya for RMG Jet –El Nakib Ekhwan-Zikotex-Sakr co.-Martex Fashion- Mr. T-shirt –El Kalagtex-Striketex-Cotton House –Lontex-Egytex-El Meligy co.-Koket for RMG-Miss venus-El Sheshaey –lolit co.- lecturers from the faculty of Applied Arts.

Tutor: Dr. Emad Gohar

Assistant Prof.
Ready Made Garment Dept.
Faculty of Applied Arts- Helwan University
Master Trainer in TVET reform project

Building Capacity in Upper Egypt

TRAINTEX, with the support of the TVET reform project, organized two TOT courses in El Menia Governorate to upgrade trainers and teachers in Upper Egypt

A - Pattern Making training course:
Conduct a training session to upgrade 22 trainers/ teachers nominated from the ready made garment companies, the technical secondary schools (TSS) and the vocational training centers (VTCs).

The training was held between the 17th - 25th February 2010 in Economic Unit for Production and Training – El Menia while the participants were from El Menia and Assiut.


- El Menia TSS (El Menia)
- Fonoun training center (Assiut)
- Jesuit & Frères associations (El Menia)
- El Avocato co. for Ready Made Garment ( El Menia)
- Angel wear co. for Ready Made Garment (El Menia)
- Kamal Fashion house co. for Ready Made Garment (Assiut )
- Marian co. for Ready Made Garment (Assiut)
- Economic Unit for Production and Training (El Menia )

Tutor : Dr. Emad Gohar : Assistant Prof. –Ready Made Garment Dept.
Faculty of Applied Arts- Helwan University
Master Trainer in TVET reform project

B - Maintenance training course:
simultaneously ,a maintenance course has been implemented in Economic Unit for Production and Training – El Menia from 20 -25 February 2010 to upgrade 22 trainer/teacher nominated from PVTD / Teachers and senior teachers from el Menia TSS/ Supervisors teachers from the Ministry of Education

Tutor: Eng. Nabil Sharaf- Ready Made Garment Expert
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