Conduct a TOT Course for sewing basic training in Aswan

Further to TRAINTEX objective to assist in the improvement of the ready made garment industry as well as to reduce unemployment and poverty in Upper Egypt, A TOT course has been conducted by Eng. Mohamed El Halaby "TRAINTEX expert" and one of the 28 master trainers accredited by the TVET reform project. The training took place from 13/3/2010 to 18/3/2010 in Aly Agha VTC for human resources - Aswan.

The trainer has recommended in his final report to give the title of "trainer" to the 4 trainees who exceeded 65%, to name 3 trainees "co-trainers" and to retrain the 3 trainees who didn't pass the final exam.

Conduct a TOT course for sewing machines operators – LEVEL 2

As part of our aim to build the capacity of trainers in the ready made garment companies, TRAINTEX has conducted the second level of the TOT sewing training course to train 26 trainers. The training was held from 20/2/2010 to 25/2/2010 in Striketex VTC at el Kalag.

The participants were nominated from the following companies: Top cover Egypt- Striketex- El Sherouk for RMG- Happy kids- El Farouk for RMG – the Egyptian Syrian - Silver group – Joya lingerie

Conduct a TOT course for Maintenance – LEVEL 1

27 maintenance trainers and Production Supervisor have been upgraded in the period between 27/2/2010 to 4/3/2010 in Striketex VTC at el Kalag.

The participants were nominated from the following companies: Kenzo Collezioni - Kalagtex- kanary - the Egyptian-Syrian - Prince – Jawhara tex- El Hoda - Dandasha –El Manar - Nontex - Zico Tex - House of cotton - nono - Sakr - Best Man - New shamsi – El Mahaba co.- Malawi Fashion in addition to the teachers nominated from Technical Secondary School for Girls – El Koba Technical Secondary School for Girls

Fabric Optimization Consumption:

A training course has been conducted to train 26 from 14/2/2010 to 18/2/2010. The trainees were nominated from the following companies : Kalagtex- Egyptian Syrian – Malibo fashion – El Awael – Toutex- El masreyatex- El Hoda – Kenzo Collezioni- El Nakib – Happy kids - Striketex- Martex Fashion

UPGRADE Technical Secondary Schools

Further to our objective to assist in the reform of the technical education in Egypt, TRAINTEX in cooperation with the Ministry of Education has conducted training session in Luxor to train 21 teachers and supervisor teachers from Aswan , Luxor and Kena.

The training has been implemented in Luxor technical secondary school from 11/4/2010 to 15/4/2010.

The training course consists of a theoretical part discussing the training objectives to attain the needed quantity and quality in the specified time as well as how to reduce the fabric consumption in order to decrease the cost and obtain a high quality product .

On the other hand, a Practical training has been conducted to train participants on the production process such as trousers manufacturing T-shirt manufacturing which allowed for each trainee to implement these products with high quality .

A high quality handouts material has been distributed for each trainee.
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